Beer Brewing

Takes only about 2 weeks from start to finish. Just pick a recipe from the list below and phone us to submit your order. All our recipes use organic ingredients and are cold filtered.

Available Beers

  • Canuck Lager, Your classic Canadian Lager
  • Canuck Light, A light tasting beer you can enjoy any time
  • Glacial Lager, The perfect summer time lager with a hint of Kokanee
  • Beechwood Lager, Light bodied well balanced one of our best Selling lagers
  • North Island Lager, Another one of our best sellers, North American style lager
  • West Coast Lager, A West Coast favorite - a smooth, light tasting beer
  • Maple Lager, Light bodied thirst quencher
  • Logger Lager, Medium bodied lager - Approx 5.4%
  • Mountain Dry, A light tasting lager with a dry finish
  • Super Dry, The name says it all - way crisp!
  • Corona, The pride of Mexico
  • Bumble Beer, Unique Honey lager with a crisp finish
  • Classic Dry Lager, A Dry version of the Bumble Beer
  • Heinekin Style Lager, Hoppy European Style Lager – very flavourful
  • North Island Pilsner, Reminder of the Czech Republic - Saaz Hops!
  • Becks, Great flavor – well balanced hop flavor and aroma
  • Irish Lager, It's magical delicious
  • German Lager, A hoppy brew with a kick
  • Czech Lite, A light refreshing European Pilsner
  • Grolsh Dutch Lager, as smooth as a baby's behind. Like a Grolsh on draft
  • Belgian Trippel, STRONG, rich and full – well bodied
  • Dark Bock Premium, A dark bock that will separate the men from the boys.
  • House Lager, Simular to the Glacial lager. Mild tasting with half the hops
  • Glacial Ale, Simular to a Lord Granville Pale Ale on draft
  • Wilshire Premium Ale, Like a Shaftsberry with a hint of bitter
  • Newcastle Brown Ale, A fine traditional English Ale
  • Mr Smith's Nut Brown Ale, Slightly sweet medium bodies . An English classic McBride's Scottish Ale
  • India Pale Ale, Full bodied hoppy ale with a strong barley finish
  • Red Rocket, Dark Red Ale with a heavy barley finish – very flavorful
  • Bob & Roy's Honey Cream Ale, just a hint of honey, with a smooth subtle barley finish
  • Light Honey Cream Ale, Like Bob & Roy's. without Chocolate Malt. Lighter color fine aroma and malt profile
  • Raintree Amber Ale, Great amber colour – fine aroma and malt profile
  • Royal City Cream Ale, A very popular creamy ale
  • Clancy's Autumn Ale, Dry, crisp ale with a solid dose of Willamette hops
  • Gunner's Irish Stout, Eat it with a fork or spoon??? For die hard Stout fans
  • West Coast Porter, This is so thick you can chew it. Distinct barley finish
  • Magown Extra Special Bitter, A definite tongue tinglier with loads of Northern Brewer
  • English Dark Bitter, Similar to a McEwan's, dark and strong tough stuff
  • Ironman Stout, Bold strong dark stout. Thanks Steve



Phone the friendly staff at North Island Brewing in Campbell River, they will be happy to answer any questions you have.


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